Shelley 1818

Title The New Annotated Frankenstein
Authors Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft ; Klinger, Leslie S. ; Toro, Guillermo del ; Mellor, Anne K.
Published 1818
ISBN 087140950
ISBN13 9780871409508
Bookshelves beyond-nature dna-of-the-future literature-music-art reviewed
Goodreads ID 32703815
Rating 5
Review The classic, in an edition based on the 1818 version, with annotation highlighting changes in the 1831 version. Surprisingly readable. This is one of the few truly iconic stories of the modern Western culture. An essential aspect of Shelley's monster is that he is not evil at the time of creation. It is his abandonment by his creator, Victor Frankenstein, that ignites his fury and makes him thirst for revenge. So is Frankenstein's crime really one of creating the unnatural, or of abandoning his creation?