Church 2012

Title Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves
Authors Church, George M. ; Regis, Ed
Published 2012
ISBN 0465021751
ISBN13 9780465021758
Bookshelves [ dna-of-the-future , evolution , reviewed , science ]
Goodreads ID 13587129
Rating 2
Review Interesting and though-provoking. However, the book is marred by the fact that one of its main themes is actually rather silly. Church proposes creating life that is based on the mirror-images of the common enantiomers of the biological building blocks. He glosses over the fact that this would entail having to recreate an entire ecology of mirror-image organisms to sustain it. And the purported benefits are in no way commensurate with that colossal task.