Per Kraulis

Per Kraulis

Data Engineer at SciLifeLab SciLifeLab Data Centre

Twitter: @PerKraulis
LinkedIn: perkraulis

GitHub repo pekrau

Work, hobby and private projects.

Blog Civilisation

My blog about politics, science and culture. Most posts in Swedish, a few in English.


A program or creating schematic or detailed molecular graphics images from molecular 3D coordinates, usually, but not exclusively, protein structures. GitHub repo.

My scientific paper describing MolScript was on the list of The 100 most highly cited papers of all time in Nature 2014. See my blog post.

My library of books

The list of the books I own, some of which I have read, rated and reviewed. Not wholly complete.

ORCID 0000-0003-0560-974X

My ORCID page has a list of my scientific publications.

ResearchGate Per_Kraulis

A list of my scientific publications with a couple of Open Access PDFs.
Ancient and mostly obsolete Python stuff by me.
Ancient lectures by me; biomedicine and Python.